Tuesday, January 20

Fitness Training at Golds Gym

I am loving my job! It has turned out so much better than expected. I currently have 12 clients, one of which has committed to a 12 month program to lose 80 pounds! She is awesome! I have two other ladies losing 60 in 6 months, and one more on track to drop 50 in 6 months. A few of the others have heart conditions and diabetes, so we are concentrating on health and lifestyle changes. A couple of younger girls are special to me in a different way, because I can relate to them! It's easy to forget to take care of yourself when you are a young mother. Not to mention, I can push them way harder than the others, and see BIG results faster... I have an awesome job!!! I am taking a couple of days off sick, and I can't wait to get back. I found out yesterday what has been making me sick- ovarian cysts! I'm sure I will be like most people and get them under control with the right birth control. It's weird how pregnant the bigger ones can make you feel.... Nausea, hormonal, tender, and even getting a little pooch... They are about the size of a third month pregnancy! What a waste.... It's hard enough being prego knowing you have a sweet baby coming, this cyst baby on the other hand.... It just makes ya mad! Good thing I can get that under control!!

Sunday, December 21

Countdown to Christmas!

Aunt Susie took Reesie to the ward Christmas party while mom and dad went shopping. Looks like she didn't think santa was too cool. Aunt su-su sure did though! I have been bundling her up most days so she can run around outside... she still isn't too fond of holding still for pictures. Should I be worried that she already knows what sarchasm is? If you don't believe me, check out her face in most of the pictures! "Ok, mom.... is this the kind of 'still' you were looking for?" In one picture you can see what her favorite game is lately. She likes to walk around with her eyes closed so she can pretend she's not listening to whatever you are asking her to do. Apparently it makes her temporarily invisible? What a character.